Dr. McMillan is a devoted husband and father, and lives in the Warren area.  Patients can see him at both our Warren and Bradford offices.

Dr. McMillan is a Biomecanical Specialist.  He is the most highly trained doctor in Western Pennsylvania in shoes, orthotics and corrective braces.

He focuses on the most conservative, non-surgical treatment for his patients.  Dr. McMillan believes,  'there is little a surgeon can do on the inside of the foot that he cannot do on the outside of the foot with the right shoe gear.'

Dr. McMillan was educated at The Midwest Medical School, in Phoenix, Az.

He received additional training at JBLM Military Hospital near Seattle, as well as Veterans Hospitals in Seattle and Salt Lake City.

Most recently he has completed  extensive pedorthic training  in Oklahoma City

Dr. Jordan McMillan

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